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Eun Ji Won Best

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Product Details
genre: HipHop
release date: Jul 05, 2003
company: Enter One
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

01. Now [That We Found The Gateway]
02. Now
03. Monologue
04. Money Part II
05. Blooming
06. One, Two, Three [Grunge Hip Hop Ver.]
07. A-ha [Extended Groove Ver.I]
08. GetDown [Step By Step Hip Hop Ver.]
09. MurMur
10. Oh-Girl [Extended Groove Ver.II]
11. Silver Wing
12. Cheese
13. Sad Dream
14. Never Ever
15. [Mami Street-Non Stop Mixed] You & Me
16. Happy
17. 악
18. 은지원 고고
19. Maybe
20. 아름다운 시절

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CD $44.98

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