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The 2nd Round

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genre: HipHop
release date: Feb 24, 2004
company: EMI
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

02. 8t. TRUCK
03. 물음표
04. 보물찾기 Feat. Bobby Kim
05. SO GONE Feat. T
06. DIRTY SEOUL - 1Kyne (Interlude)
07. 올빼미 (All Famy)
08. LOVE론 Feat. 이효리
09. SKIT
10. SLUSE Feat. Tyfoon
11. 나의 세개
12. RELOAD Feat. Tyfoon, Gan-D, Juvie Train
13. G LOVE
14. GOTTA GO Feat. 개리, Double K
15. ONE Feat. Dynamic Duo

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CD $44.98

vol.1/ G Pop
CD $44.98

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