Out to the World

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Director:Yeo Gyun-Dong
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:Comedy, Social
Subtitle:no available
Release Date:May 01, 1995
Product Made In:South Korea
Aspect Ratio:1.33:1

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About Out to the World
Yang Ma-Dong, who is called 'boss', was once famous in gangster world but now he is a peace-loving man who wants to lead quiet life after he get a badge by mistake. Jee Chan-Shik, whose nicknames are 'cold meal' and 'petty thief', is a persistent man who chases those who fail to pay back his money even to hell. He is not interested in women but fond of laces. Yeo Hye-Jin, who takes a trip with these two men, was born in a poor family and has lived with only her own body being abused and suffered by men. She doesn't want to live that way any more. Yang Ma-Dong and Jee Chan-Shik, who happened to escape from prison unintentionally, join with Yeo Hye-Young on the road and they continue to make problems.......