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Mr. Hong Soundtrack
어디선가 누군가에 무슨일이 생기면 틀림없이 나타난다 홍반장

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director: Kang Seok-Beom
genre: Romance, Comedy
release date: Mar 16, 2004
company: Warner Brothers
made in: South Korea
case: Deluxe Case

* Prologue
* 그대 내 품에 - 신규정
* 잊어야 한다는 마음으로 - 김주혁
* Wander
* The Cafe
* One Year
* 이별을 위해
* Piano & Cello
* The Happening
* G선상의 아리아
* The First Kiss
* Recollection
* Reunion
* Memory
* 잊어야 한다는 마음으로(Jazz Version) - 이욱현
* Epilogue

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Also Known As
Mr. Handy
Mr. Hong (aka Mr. Handy) holds the key to all your problems!

Top actress/singer Uhm Jung Hwa and rising new star Kim Joo Hyuck join forces in this new silver screen smash that aims to win your heart with witty dialogues & charming scenarios void of indecent remarks. Kim portrays Hong Doo Shik an all-round worker who shifts between different working places as frequently as other people change their clothes. He delivers goods with the same smile he wears while he makes performances at a live caf? in other words he does everything as long as he gets his pay. Everything could have continued that way until he bumps into the hyper- active Yoon Hye Jin (Uhm Jung Hwa) and immediately calls her the world's most troublesome woman. Yoon on the other hand complains that Hong gets on her nerves while performing his duties as "Mr. Handy". How then is it possible that these two opposed personalities still end up feeling attracted to the other party? Just let "Mr. Handy" resolve all your problems!

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Mr. Hong
VHS $29.98
More Information
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Duration: 100mins
Certification: 12
Released: Mar 12, 2004

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Production: Zenith Entertainment
Distribution: Cinema Service






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