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The Legend of the Evil Lake Soundtrack

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genre: Romance, Martial, Fantasy, History
release date: Dec 25, 2003
company: Plyzen
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

1. Prologue
2. 전투 1
3. 왕궁으로 가는 길 (귀환)
4. Love Theme 1
5. 진성여왕
6. Love Theme 2
7. Voice Of The Lake
8. 목걸이
9. 전투 2
10. 아우타의 부활 1
11. 아우타의 부활 2
12. 탈출
13. 회상
14. 아우타의 저주
15. 배신
16. 죽여라
17. 자운비
18. 신검
19. Main Theme 천년호
20. Love Theme 1 (Violin Solo)
21. Love Theme 2 (Violin Solo)
22. 연 - 박기영

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Also Known As
1000 Years Old Lake
Thousand Years Old Lake
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General Bi-ha-rang (Jung Jun-ho) is a reputable warrior in the era of Silla Kingdom ruled under Queen Jin-sung (Kim Hye-Ri). With a patriotic heart, Bi-ha-rang spent his life in battlefields defending the Kingdom against all enemies. Bi-ha-rang's heroics not only win the trust of the Queen, but also her love. Bi-ha-rang, however, has already fallen for Ja Woon-bi (Kim Hyo-jin) and longs for living in peace with his love.
As Bi-ha-rang is away from Ja Woon-bi one day, she is hunted by murderers and at last thrown into the Thousand Years Lake, where the grudges of the slaughtered Awoota family fill, setting to spark off the furious revenge of the Awoota!

Director Lee Kwang-hoon's historical romance "The Legend of The Evil Lake" stars Jung Jun-ho from "Marrying the Mafia", Korean new star Kim Hyo-jin and Kim Hye-Ri from "Bichunmoo". The costume film is based on the legend of the love between a general and a little-known girl, unfolding a timeless love tale.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: Romance, Martial, Fantasy, History
Duration: 92mins
Certification: 15
Released: Nov 28, 2003

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users   (9.4)

Production: Hanmac Films
Distribution: Cinema Service



Martial Art:

Original Story:



Executive Producer:


Art Director:


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