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Drawing Diary (2000)


genre: Drama, Kids
country: South Korea
Do-il is a poor assistant director who wants to be a director some day. One day a 5-year-old boy who has looked for his father visits him. Do-il is one of five possibles the boy says. Shocked by this fact, his Korean-Japanese girlfriend, Ju-ri, vows breakup to him. He is at crises for his dream and love. Do-il determines to take a trip with the boy to find the boy's real father. Do-il and Ju-ri visit the other four possibles. They are a politician, a scholar, a boss of gang and a dead alcoholic. Everyone insists he be not his father. Although Do-il makes every efforts to regain Ju-ri's love.....

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Duration: 102mins
Certification: All
Released: Apr 15, 2000

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Production: Manmaek Film

Color: Color
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