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Forbidden Lip, A (1966)

금지된 입술

genre: Drama
country: South Korea
Sang-KYoon separates from Mi-Hye because of a trivial misunderstanding. Later he regrets for his fault and goes to her to apologize for his fault. However, on the way to her he suffers a sword-stroke by Tae-Ho, who loves Mi-Kye all the time. When the hurted Sang-KYoon comes to Mi-Hye, she already killed herself by taking poison, because she was pessimistic about the separation from him. Sang-KYoon dies placing his lip on her cold lip.

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Duration: 90mins
Released: Dec 31, 1966

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Production: Korea Films

Format: 35mm Film
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
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