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Rainbow Trout (1999)


genre: Drama
country: South Korea
Chang-Hyeon lives on a trout farm in remote countryside. One day his high school alumni, Min-Soo and Byoung-Kwan visit him for their short vacation from a city. They are accompanied by their wives and a sister of Min-Soo's wife, Se-Hwa. They enjoy the first day of their vacation with their reunion and pastoral life, but on the second day a large number of trout have been found death in the farm. The hunters killed them the last night. Visitors from a city are shocked by a dish of sliced raw fish made of trout of massive death. Furthermore, the hunters hurt these urbanites' pride. In the meantime, Se-Hwa wants to be close to Chang-Hyeon, charmed by him while he falls into an agony with former relation ship with Min-Soo's wife, Jeong-Hwa. Tae-Joo, a young man who lives on the second floor of Chang-Hyeon's house with a dog, is captivated by Se-Hwa and begins watching her with a furtive glance. Visitors from a city are shocked again by the hunters and Chang-Hyeon who hunt a roe and drink its blood. The next day, they tend to leave there immediately, but somebody has already punctured their car's tire....

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Duration: 98mins
Released: Nov 6, 1999

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Production: Trout Production

Format: 35mm Film
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
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Rainbow Trout
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