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Girls' Night Out (1998)

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genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
country: South Korea
The three close friends, Ho-Jeong, Yeon, Sun are 29-year-old ladies who talk about their privacy openly each other though their personalities are different. Ho-Jeong, the owner of a design agency, is a passionate career woman who enjoys sex with men met for the first time. Yeon, a waitress of a hotel lobby rounge who lives in Ho-Jeong's house, is always nervous about her uncertain future though she sometimes makes love to her boyfriend Young-Jak. She wants to marry soon to enjoy settled life. Sun, a grad student who has never had made love with a man. She has a daring dream to have a child and raise it by herself under economic independence. They are free from sex. Then Ho-Jeong gets in unlucky affair that she is accused of adultery due to several sexual contacts with married men, Yeon is frustrated by loss of employment after she spends a night with an unknown man while Sun experiences the first sex with Yeon's boyfriend Young-Jak and becomes pregnant. But she miscarries the baby. Like this the three women change their way of life being caught in sexual trap that they used to say as a joke.
Three young women in their late 20s are enjoying a lavish dinner. With good food and good wine come good conversation, ranging from marriage to sex, masturbation to orgasms, and outlandish fantasies, all at an ordinary dinner. Among three best of friends who are in many ways very ordinary, one wants to be married, one wants to be laid, and one wants everything.

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Duration: 98mins
Released: Oct 3, 1998

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Production: Uno Films
Distribution: Samsung Pictures, Sidus, Cineclick Asia

Format: 35mm Film
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
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Girls' Night Out
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