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Taboum Investigation Bureau-Inspectors Rice Paste (1991)

따봉수사대-밥풀떼기 형사와 전봇대 형사

genre: Kids
country: South Korea
Lupin brothers of continent steal a flying motorcycle that is invented by Dr. Han, a space scientist and is on the experimental state. As the police trace them, they fly on the motorcycle. When they are informed that the motorcycle is made according to application of black hole theory, inspector Lim and inspector Kim ask the doctor to make another one. Therefore Dr. Han's daughter and two inspectors get on the motorcycle together to chase Lupin brothers while Lupins fall in the black hole. They arrive at Ban Ya castle of 500 years ago where they are treated as God's sons by Roxan who became the lord of the castle by rebellion. While the other side meets His Excellency Jeong-Eung's son who helps them to bring Roxan under their control and arrest Lupin brothers. And then they make their triumphant journey to the present world.

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Duration: 90mins
Certification: All
Released: Jan 19, 1991

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Production: Shin Hwa Films Co. Ltd

Color: Color
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