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MaryJane (1991)


genre: Drama
country: South Korea
While he is working in Guam, Jun, a photographer, came to know a dancer called Mary Jane. As she guides him to famous places for his shooting, they fall in love and marry. Mary Jane becomes a top model after she comes to Korea. But Jun feels lonely because she is concentrating on just her work. As he meets his ex-girl friend Ji-Won, Mary Jane gets hurt and leaves Korea. Jun goes to Guam looking for her but when he meets Nary Jane who degraded to a barmaid of a third class club, he regrets his selfishness of past days. When he gets the news that Mary Jane is going to New York with her boy friend Brian, he rushes to the airport. What he gets is the only sentence of Mary Jane that she loves only Jun forever.

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Duration: 82mins
Released: Dec 7, 1991

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Production: Dong Bang Entertainment Co. Ltd

Color: Color
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