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Milk Chocolate 1950-1990 (1991)

剐农幂内房 1950-1990

genre: Drama
country: South Korea
One of so called junk food generation Jun-Hyeok represents the aspect of modern kids. His father Seo Pan-Sul is a man with 15 convictions of safecracking and plans to rob a treasure box of dream with his son. After all Seo Pan-Sul and Jun-Hyeok rob a safe. While Jun-Hyeok's step brother Seo Wuk is a police officer who chases them. During his investigation, they came to understand with each other and the two sons reunite the women who wait for them. Those who are easily seen in Dae Hak Ro these days, they put worldly affairs in sweet taste of chocolate which they are eating endlessly and in a sip of cola. They are also idle spectators who only concentrate on miscellaneous affairs. This film shows a course of chasing the shadow of life of our fathers and our sons which we passed casually.

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Duration: 115mins
Released: Mar 16, 1991

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Production: Motion Picture Community Chun Sa

Color: Color
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