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Byeon Keum-Ryeon (1991)


genre: Erotic
country: South Korea
Byeon Meum-Ryeon, a cheerful and pure young girl, lives in a mountain valley in Muju with her widowed mother. She is waiting for the day she marries to Bong-Ku but one day she is raped by a group of men who came to this village to hunt. As her engagement is broken, Byeon Keum-Ryeon goes to Seoul where she is trapped by flesh traders due to her naivete. She becomes a Cinderella of prostitute world when she meets Madame Seol. While she is actively engaged in this world with a background of chairman So Eun-Kyeong's Hwang Jae Industry, she comes across her enemy. He is second son of the chairman who loves hunting. After every turn and twist, they meet again in Muju mountain valley where they reconcile with each other and bear fruits of love.

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Duration: 114mins
Released: May 11, 1991

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Production: Koryo Films

Color: Color
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