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Fire Bird's Dance (1991)


genre: Drama
country: South Korea
Jang-Hyeon, a manager of a trading company, marries Nam Mun-Hee and lives with her. One day Kyeong-Hwa, his ex-girl friend when he was a reporter of a newspaper, comes from USA. Before he marrid, Jang-Hyeon approached Kyeong-Hwa although he enggaed Mun-Hee, but he kept away from Kyeong-Hwa as he found her mother was a slut. However Kyeong-Hwa still can't forget him and gives pain to Mun-Hee who suffers from heart disease. Jang-Hyeon submits resignation due to Kyeong-Hwa. Jang-Hyeon visits Kyeong-Hwa's villa using business trip as a pretext while Mun-Hee falls down as she is informed to take her husband's retirement allowance. When Michael Jeong comes to look for Kyeong-Hwa. Kyeong-Hwa determines to leave him though she is pregnant of his baby. When Michael Jeong appears, he came to know that he is deceived by Kyeong-Hwa.......

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Duration: 90mins
Released: Nov 2, 1991

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Production: Screen Line

Color: Color
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