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Wanderer of Mulberry Field, A (1991)


genre: Erotic
country: South Korea
On a gloomy summer day Seo-Rim, a posthumous child, is born in mulberry field and his mother disappears. Thanks to monk Ji-San's help, he is adopted to the school master's family of Cheong Hak village. Times passed and Seo-Rim forms a connection with Na-Young by saving her in a valley. These two are kicked out of Cheong Hak Dong because of strict customs and they come to Seoul where they learn new civilization. Though Na-Young is engaged, her love for Seo-Rim is deep. Seo-Rim leaves to wander on the day of Na-Young's engagement to another guy. Later Na-Young looks for Seo-Rim. Finally his vagabond life as a posthumous child to an adopted child in the strictly closed society without his own parents to a stranger in sudden civilized society and then to wanderer of love is over.

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Duration: 103mins
Released: Nov 30, 1991

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Production: Keon Hwa Industry

Color: Color
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