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Beyond the Mountain (1991)

산산이 부서진 이름이여

genre: Drama
country: South Korea
Chim-Hae, an apprentice monk, is shaken when he sees Myo-Hon, a buddhist nun, on his way back from errands. When they come across in Wol Myeong Dae of So Won chaple at dawn, they yearn for each other. Myo-Hon cuts one of her fingers because she can't control her feeling while Chim-Hae is troubled by reprimand of Beob-Yeon, an old monk. Beob-Yeon calls for Myo-Hon and orders her to be naked in front of believers at a mountain temple as his last preaching. Chi-Hae is greatly surprised but Beob-Yeon enters Nirvana leaving a word "Mu Bul Dang". At Beob-Yeon's cremation, a monk tells Chim-Hae such a transgression of the commandments of Beob-yeon is intended to teach him. Chim-Hae determines to go back to the earthly world. He gets out of the temple and looks absent-mindedly at the mundane world.

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Duration: 108mins
Released: May 25, 1991

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Production: Sungil Cinemart

Color: Color
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