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Walking All the Way to Heaven (1992)

걸어서 하늘까지

genre: Drama
country: South Korea
Violent and mean Water Bird learns humanity through Ji-Suk and came to love her. After he is released from prison of a year, Water Bird meets Ji-Suk who is doing pickpocket. As he pulls her into his organization, he feels love for her. Though she feels pity for him, Ji-Suk can't love him. Rather she likes Jeong-Man, a college student, as she meets him by chance. Jeong-Man also realizes her loneliness in her boldness and takes her under his wings with deep understanding and warmth. Feeling crisis, Water Bird beats Jeong-man but he lets him free because of Jeong-Man's strong will. Ji-Suk engages Jeong-Man hiding her past but she falls in chaos as she finds marks of past in herself.

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Duration: 116mins
Released: May 23, 1992

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Production: Segyung Enterprises

Color: Color
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