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Elegy of Winter, An (1992)


genre: Drama
country: South Korea
While Lee Jin-Wuk and Kang Su-Ji, who promised to marry, enjoy their sweet moment on their trip, Su-Ji is raped by masked invaders. Jin-Wuk leaves Su-Ji blaming himself not protect her while Su-Ji, who wanders about and suffers from pain, determines to take revenge. She finds the invaders and drives them into death one by one. Jee Yun-Du, an instructo of a health club, Moon Sang-Wu of Model Line and Chanel Jang, a commercial photographer are killed mysteriously by her who plots their deaths as suicides. Then she goes to Las Vegas looking for the fourth man Han Sang-Il. But just before his death, he makes clear that all of those were made by Jin-Wuk. Su-Ji tries to take revenge on Jin-Wuk but as she witnesses his happy married life, she commits suicide after coming back to hotel.

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Duration: 88mins
Released: Aug 22, 1992

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Production: Bando Young Sang Co. Ltd

Color: Color
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