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PadamPung (1992)


genre: Erotic
country: South Korea
A robber trespasses a lawyer Cho Dong-Chan, a specialist of marriage consulting, and rapes his wife Mrs. Jang. Mr. Cho insists to hide this accident but Mrs. Jang strongly insists to report to the police. Later Mrs. Jang is raped by a strange guy who wears Ha Hoe mask. She feels mysterious pleasure in fear of Ha Hoe mask and sufferes from guilty conscience. Seong-Ki, a collge student next door witnesses this and reports to the police. On the contrary, however, he is hospitalized in a mental institution. Now she is waiting for the masked man. After a while two Ha Hoe masks appear. Seong-Ki wears the mask to make sure of his innocence while Mr. Cho wears it to disclose his wife's hypocrisy. To Mrs. Jang who attempts suicide.....

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Duration: 109mins
Released: May 16, 1992

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Production: Hwang Gi-Seong Production

Color: Color
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