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My Heart (2000)

, Affection

genre: Drama, Traditional
country: South Korea
One mild spring day, Soonie, an old woman loses herself in her old memory.... She is married to an eleven-year-old boy when her age of sixteen. Her sweet dream is broken and her days are filled with harsh life in her husband's home. Reading 'A story of Chang-Hwa and Hong-Ryeon' (a Korean old story about sisters who were falsely killed and then revenged). Ten years later her husband, Gui-Dong appears with a modern woman, Young-Ran when he came back home from his study in Kyoung-seoung City. Soonie realizes the feeling between her husband and Young-Ran is 'love' she has never experienced. She also realizes her mother-in-law has really loved her in fact. Then she leaves home. A few years later she meets Duk-Soon, a poor but genuine brewer and they starts their happy life together in the recesses of mountain. However, one summer day he dead drunk is drowned to death on his way home. Soonie leaves alone again. Time has passed. Middle-aged Soonie still lives alone. One day Bong-Seok and his mother who were sold to a cow dealer in place of his father's gambling debt and escaped from him appears in front of Soonie. She decides to accept them into her home...

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Duration: 114mins
Released: Jun 17, 2000

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Production: Bae Chang Ho Production

Format: 35mm Film
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
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