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Albatross (1996)


genre: Drama
country: South Korea
In the war like a nightmare Kyeong-Min is caught as a war prisoner in North Korea and he starts to live in a prisoner camp where only breathing is allowed while all instincts are oppressed. In the camp a South Korean lieutenant commander, Ju-Hyeong, a student in Moscow who is taken there on charge of American spy, Cheon-Bul, once a chief of the camp, minister of foreign affairs who is charged as anti-communist and his two daughter Seo-Yong and Bu-Yong, and Akiko from Japan lead their lives keeping the rule of survival. While Kyeong-Min meets Pyeong-San who was his close friend of childhood but went over the border to North due to wounded heart of lost love. Now he is lieutenant of political security department. Pyong-San who is haunted by sense of loss as he was deprived of his beloved by Kyeong-Min makes all efforts to defeat Kyeong-Min. Seo-Yong gets to feel favor of Kyeong-Min who doesn't lose humanity in spite of miserable life while Kyeong-Min keeps his dreams of freedom in defiance of Pyeong-San's persistent torture.

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Duration: 104mins
Released: Jul 13, 1996

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Production: Dae Il Films

Color: Color
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