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Queen Esther (1996)

왕후 에스더

genre: Animation
country: South Korea
2500 years ago. The Jewish were under rule of strong Medaebasa Empire. Many jewise settled down in this country believing their Jehova with their own will under consent of King Ahasuero. Mordgae, a jewish man of virtue who is working at the gate of palace, has a beautiful cousin called Esther whose parents died earlier. Wise and mild Esther becomes the Queen, the mother of Great Medaebasa Empire later. While violent and cruel Haman slanders Mordgae by telling the king that Mordgae violated the king's rule and makes it his business to do anti national activities for the reasons of different ethnic race and religion. Then the enraged king orders to kill all of jews. In front of the destiny that the Jewish are killed, queen Esther screws up her courage at the risk of her life.

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Duration: 90mins
Certification: All
Released: Jul 20, 1996

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Production: Dong Bo Entertainment

Color: Color
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