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Love Affair Panorama (1996)

정사 파노라마

genre: Erotic
country: South Korea
Na-Hee, a dancer of a nightclub, is an attractive woman who attracts gaze around her with her excellent beauty and dancing. One day she gets allurement with conditions which are unable to ignore so she accepts it. However she begins to feel bored because Na-Hee has to live according to regulated conditions. She satisfies her sense of emptiness with shopping spree living under the feeling that she is watched over. One day her ex-boy friend Jun-Seok, who troubled her before, comes to Na-Hee's apartment. As he came to know that Na-Hee made love with Jun-Seok by force, Seol-Ho becomes violent while Jun-Seok is mysteriously killed during having sex with a woman. Meanwhile Na-Hee came to escape from Seoul due to serious conflicts with Seol-Ho. She spends pleasant time with her friend Yu-Mi feeling liberated but Seol-Ho persistently runs after Na-Hee. After all Na-hee gets to know about Seol-Ho's past and feels pity for him. Then they promise for their future making congenial love.

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Duration: 93mins
Released: Sep 2, 1996

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Production: Dae Seong Films

Color: Color
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