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Erotic Girl (1995)


genre: Erotic
country: South Korea
A strip dancer called Jane visits a man's apartment because of owner madam's nagging and scolding. But the man whom she gives service doesn't show up but suggests her to stay in this apartment by telephone. And he proposes a big amount of money for the cost. Jane, who owes a lot of debts to the madam, accepts his proposal because she considers the condition is too good though she thinks it ridiculous by herself. Since then Jane's life drastically changes. The man who introduced himself K presents her expensive clothes, a diamond ring and a car and makes her learn golf, swimming and aerobics. Though he wants her to be a chaste woman, K demands various ridiculous positions at night. And Jane came to dream of making long and hot love with K. As time goes by Jane becomes curious about k's identity.

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Duration: 94mins
Released: Sep 8, 1995

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Production: Han Bo Films

Color: Color
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