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Great Hunter G. J., The (1995)

위대한 헌터 G.J

genre: Action
country: South Korea
G. J(Great Joe) is a famous shooter who hunts alone in the forest of Siberia. He is called upon to assassinate Kurojawa Kenjaburo, a big man of Japanese Yakuja, who came to Seoul to get the right of Development of Russian Casino, with 1 million dollars. Arriving in Seoul, he sets up a plan to assassinate with a beautiful woman called 'Jin-Yi' who was introduced by the criminal organization. In his first trial, he ends up fake Kurojawa and is attacked by Yakuja. After he and Yakuja engage in thrilling runaway and fight each other in the center of Seoul, Jin-Yi who has helped him beside him is kidnapped by Yakuja. After all he assassinates Kurojawa and saves Jin-Yi. Jin-Yi, however, confesses him that she was ordered to remove G. J. after finishing the work. He hands over the 1 million dollars to Jin-Yi and clears out international criminal organization. Then he disappears to Siberia.

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Duration: 98mins
Released: Feb 11, 1995

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Production: Du Seong Films

Color: Color
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