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Woman Who Whistles, A (1998)

휘파람부는 여자

genre: Drama
country: South Korea
Seo Mi-Ga is the only daughter of Rev. Seo who is serving his religious service in a local church. She wants to live as an ordinary college student rather than to put her basis of life in belief. Then Professor Kim Hyeon-Do, who lives alone with his elementary school student daughter, appears to her and becomes her first love. Since his wife's death, Kim Hyeon-Do soothe his hardship with drinking. In spite of persistent courtship of a missionary Kang Seong-Pyo who is recommended by her father, Mi-Ga displays tender affection turning around Professor Kim. They are getting closer by Kim's daughter Hyeon-Yi. However Professor Kim gets to face his death due to his long lasted agony and finally leaves his lover and daughter. Mi-Ga leads a hopeful life with Hyeon-Yi with devoted love based on her belief from her mother's womb.

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Duration: 103mins
Certification: All
Released: Feb 28, 1998

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Production: Ewha Films

Color: Color
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