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Woman Who Goes on Reversed Way, A (1994)

거꾸로 가는 여자

genre: Drama
country: South Korea
Jang Myeong-Hwa, the only daughter of a rich family, is a personal assistant to the president and gets to contact with a lot of important figures of finance with her beauty and capabilities. Though she gets closer to a general director Bae, the president's son, president Bae also harbors an evil heart on her and makes sport a plaything of her. Bae, the general director, betrays Jang Myeong-Hwa blaming on this while Jang Myeong-Hwa, who is in burning revengeful heart, approaches to Chairman Moon of a conglomerate to destroy president Bae's enterprise with success.

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Duration: 114mins
Released: Mar 26, 1994

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Production: Hwa Pung Enterprises

Color: Color
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