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Sound of Whistle (1984)

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genre: Drama, Romance
country: South Korea
There is a model engine driver of train Yun-Deok-Man running the Dong-Hae line. Though he is a widower, he lives with Eun-Suk who is supposed to marry soon and Eun-Ji, the 1st grade in high school. Deok-Man's assistant Sam-Dal introduces his cousin widow to him. Dreaming of ballerina Eun-Ji gets hospitalized by being taken in incurable illness and since then, Deok-Man's home is seized with darkness. Deok-Man consoles Eun-Ji by giving a whistle whenever his train passes by her hospital. One day, Deok-Man wanders following the illusion of Eun-Ji and collides with a truck at the road crossing and thus hospitalized. Eun-Ji's illness gets worse anxiously waiting for the stopped whistling. Suddenly, there rings the sound of whistling and Eun-Ji dies hearing the whistling sound of Sam-Dal.

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Duration: 94mins
Certification: All
Released: Apr 20, 1984

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Production: Hanjin Enterprises

Format: 35mm Film
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: ratio
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