Paradise Lost  (1998)

Also Known As:
Starring: Shim Hye-Jin, Lee Young-Ha, Yang Mi-Kyung
Director:Jang Gil-Su
Production:Art Cinema, Cinema Service
Distribution:Cinema Service
Country:South Korea

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About Paradise Lost
There are a man and a woman who have lived inside of fence after building up their family. Ji-Wu a man in his early middle age who was a publishing director of a newspaper but now is relegated to a less important post, and Eun-Kyo, a woman in her thirties who teaches oriental painting at a cultural center, falls in love at first sight each other. The more often they meet, the deeper they become absorbed in each other losing their self-control. Although they think about their spouses and social point of view, the conclusion is 'no separation' at all. They prepare a space of their own and indulge in physical desire each other. When Eun-Kyo's husband writes an anonymous letter to his office to reveal their relationship, Ji-Wu submits his resignation and ends his 25 years marriage. Eun-Kyo, too, determines to get out of home leaving behind her mother-in-law and husband. Breaking off with the world, the two take a trip to Cheju Island where they accept death together.