Last Secret Love  (1980)
마지막 밀애
Starring: Yu Ji-In, Yu Jang-Hyeon, Jeong Young-Sook
Director:Kim Gi(a)
Production:Segyung Enterprises
Country:South Korea

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About Last Secret Love
Oh Yung-Kyeong, who is a student woman of a famous music college, meets a company's director named Yoo Dong-Min while selling tickets of her own recital. She becomes sympathized with Yoo after knowing that he lives unhappy marriage life. Being aware of her attitude, her parents hasten to make her get married to her fiance named Min-Ki, but she goes away from home. Being embarrassed, Yoo persuades her. He is forced to be divorced from his wife because he and Oh have been found out by others while staying at a hotel. He visits his uncle who grows herbs at remote mountains at Kangwon Province, and lives lonely life. She goes to the mountains where he lives his life, and devotes herself to him. At last, she dies on a heavy snowy day.