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Wind Echoing in My Being (1997)

내안에 우는 바람

genre: Drama
country: South Korea
This film is about nature of time but it is closer to stillness than to flow. It is meant to restore ego through inner time when being is staying rather than speed of story. 3 films are linked each other to explain life of childhood, youth and old age. Part 1 is about a child who gets out of home to know the time but ends up losing it due to absorbing in his playing. However the passed time is melted in himself just as it was. Part 2 is about a young man who tries to find himself through dreams and unconscious course in order to search for his traces. But the natur of time that can't be crossed already disassembled bygone. Finally the book written for himself is burned out. Part 3 is a story of an old man who spends his days with his wife. The old man gets to be nervous about coming death. His impatience makes its appearance as the old man's will to leave his presence so that he has his picture taken and his portrait painted. However shadow of death continues to follow him and now the old man begins to prepare for death ordering graveclothes.

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Duration: 110mins
Released: Oct 25, 1997

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Production: Dong Nyeok Films

Color: Color
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