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Money, The (1958)

genre: Drama
country: South Korea
A simple and honest farmer Kim Seong-Ho is deeply in debt like all the other farmers, and because he has no good idea to prepare money for daughter's marriage, spends day after day with sigh. A usurer and boss of a bar Choi Nam-Hyeon have a full knowledge of money. He gets the information that Kim Seong-Ho has some big money after selling out a cow. As cunning as he is, he takes the money by tempting him to gamble with it. Maddening at money, Kim Seong-Ho goes to Seoul in order to buy the goods for trade, but only to be taken all the money he had to a defrauder. Kim Seong-Ho happens to find some money fallen onto the ground, but is caught in the act of picking it up by the owner Choi Nam-Hyeon. Involved in fighting with him, he kills Choi Nam-Hyeon using the dagger in Choi's hand....

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Duration: 123mins
Released: Mar 9, 1958

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Production: Kim Production

Format: 35mm Film
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: ratio
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