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God's Stranger (1991)

신의 이방인

genre: Horror
country: South Korea
Jin Keol, a Hong Kong cop, goes to Thailand on vacation where he witnesses No Ju-Ma, daughter of a shaman No Ko, is pickpocketed and helps her. No Ju-Ma, who's off her head about Jin Keol, puts narcotics in his tea. She even follows a strange shaman who tells her that with a doll used for exorcism she can watch every thing he does. As No Ju-Ma asks help, the shaman kills Jin-Keol's pregnant wife Yi-Hye and changes himself into a monster. Then he gets into No Ju-Ma's body to kill people and distresses Jin Keol. Hearing what has happened so far, No Ko resists against the shaman in No Ju-Ma's feature with a priest Cheon Kong-Myeog but they are not equal to the shaman. At this moment, Yi-Hye and her baby's spirits go in No Ju-Ma's body to separate her from the shaman and at the same time...........

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Duration: 88mins
Released: Nov 23, 1991

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Production: Nam A Pictures

Format: 35mm Film
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: ratio
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