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Love Story (1996)

러브 스토리

genre: Romance
country: South Korea
In the afternoon of a late summer day, Su-In, an interior coordinator, meets Ha Seong-Wu, a peculiar film director, in a crowded plea market. Comapre to Su-In, who is sensitive and almost a perfectionist in anything with thoroughness, Ha Seong-Wu, who doesn't work for a few years, is easy-going person who seems not to mind about daily life. Two persons, favorably inclined to each other from the first sight, have dates and make lovely memories due to Seong-Wu's positive proposals. As fall is well on, Su-In and Seong-Wu takes a trip to peaceful Ji-Ri Mountain neglecting trivial troubles. There Su-In suddenly finds she becomes generous due to love with Seong-Wu and finally she sleeps with him with peaceful emotion. Seong-Wu, however, annoys Su-In's self-esteem with his informal proposal to marry. Arriving in Seoul, they say good-bye without solving their emotional sediment. Times flow and they reflect themselves. Su-In and Seong-Wu long for each other but it is not so easy to meet again.

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Duration: 111mins
Released: May 11, 1996

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Production: Bae Chang-Ho Production

Format: 35mm Film
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
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Love Story
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