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Lim Keok Jeon, Korean Robin Hood (1997)

의적 임꺽정

genre: Animation
country: South Korea
When they arrive at police station with beef that will be used for sacrificial rite of chief of the police Eom, little Lim Keok-Jeong and his father gets to eavesdrop a conspiracy of revolt from inside. Just then the door is open and Eom finds Lim Keok-Jeong and his father. He considers they are overhearing them intentionally. Then his father is killed and young Lim Keok-Jeong is watched and run after by Eom. Meanwhile Park, the secret royal inspector, has a doubt on them as he finds Eom is persistently chasing Lim Keok-Jeong. Lim Keong-Jeong, now a grown-up, recalls the conspiracy retracing his memories of childhood. With this Park came to know the first and last of the conspiracy and subdues the move of coup d'etat while Lim Keok-Jeong takes a revenge for his father.

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Duration: 87mins
Certification: All
Released: Jul 19, 1997

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Production: Stoen Bell Animation, MBC
Distribution: Seoul Animation

Color: Color
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