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Kkamdong (1988)

genre: Erotic, Traditional
country: South Korea
Kkamdong, who comes from a noble family, lives in Kwangwon Province, because her husband is demoted there. However, she gets a leave of absence and comes to Hanyang. She runs away from home in order to avoid a surrogate man who is sent to her by the family of her husband. She is raped by Kim Yeo-Dal who is greedy for her. After that, she becomes a mistress of Jeong Tak, a high official. She makes love with Jong Hyo-Mun, a nephew of Jeong Tak. Therefore, Jeong Tak expels her. When Jeong Hyo-Moon leaves her behind, she sets up a brothel. However, Kkamdong is sentenced to death because of the accusation of women, whose husbands have a relationship with her. However, she is sent into exile owing to the help of Park Seong-Ji, her first love. When she is on exile in an isolated island, Park Seong-Ji comes down to the island and they live happily.


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Duration: 118mins
Released: Jun 25, 1988

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Production: Seoul Films

Format: 35mm Film
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: ratio
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