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Gate of Destiny, The (1996)


genre: Action
country: South Korea
In 1800, the last year of King Jeong Jo's throne. Translator Hwang realizes that Chosun's fortune is endangered due to unusual moves of Kwi Cheon Seong, a constellation of great man who will reign Ais. As the last move, King Jeong Jo tries to protect Chosun's destiny concealing pregnant Cheong-Yeon whose baby between the king will be the light of Chosun opening the gate of time by using the secret book of dynasty while he orders Left Swordman and Right Swordman to guard Cheong-Yeon. Sensing the moves of Kwi Cheon Seong, Dadagatsu of Japanes Shogun dispatches a large scaled group of assassins including his best disciple Kanzo and Hakushu, a man of letters to Chosun. When they arrive at Kwi Cheon Observatory guarding Cheong-Yeon, Left Swordman and Right Swordman open the gate of time. At the moment, however, they encounter with Kanzo. As they send Cheong-Yeon away first, they engage in a fight with Kanzo and then cross the gate of time following Kanzo who chase them. In 1975. Left Swordman and Right Swordman arrive at a salt farm in Wol Got leaping 175 years. The nest year Cheong-Yeon departs from this life after she gives birth to a daughter Do-Yeon and Left Swordman keeps the fact that Do-Yeon is King Jeong Jo's daughter in secret to protect her while he adopts and brings up a boy. He becomes a part of a battle formation by himself.

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Duration: 94mins
Released: Oct 12, 1996

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users   (7.5)

Production: Abraxas

Format: 35mm Film
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
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Gate of Destiny, The
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