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Boss (1996)


genre: Action
country: South Korea
When he strengthens the base of his organization with 8 members called incarnates at his age of 18, Eun moves his field of action to Myeong Dong, Seoul where he fortifies his power. As his senior who has backed up his organization gets insult from Staff Sergeant Wang party that occupies Myeong Dong area, his organization stands against Wang party. Their conflicts are getting serious. As Revitalizing Reforms movement takes effect, the wholesale roundup of organized gangs is made and the matter of Savoy Hotel takes place in 1975. Though a crustal disturbance takes place as all of established powers of Honam area including Wang party are defeated by this happening, Eun gets to be run after by special investigation network. As he comes back to Seoul to rebuild his organization as the godfather of all organizations, rest of Honam powers plans to remove Eun by buying Seong-Cheon, boss of Seo Jang party.

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Duration: 105mins
Released: Jul 6, 1996

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Production: Segyung Enterprises

Color: Color
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