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Born to Kill (1996)


genre: Action
country: South Korea
Kil is raised to a killer of underworld after he ran away shaking off her mother who was about to commit suicide on the railway. Kil whose life is consist of only Marlboro cigarette, cola, instant noodle, cash in refrigerator, a piece of knife with sharp blade, a motorcycle and communication with Chi Chi, the monkey, is nonsocial person who quietly carries out assigned mission as a killer. Su-Ha, a barmaid, is th only one who stimulate him like welcome rain on dried land. Kil feels happy looking at her apartment that becomes bright like a guiding light late at night. One day Kil finds Su-Ha has fallen down on the street. As he takes her to her house, his feeling for Su-Ha changes to pity and love.

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Duration: 110mins
Released: Apr 20, 1996

editor   (4)
users   (6.5)

Production: Sun Films
Distribution: Sun Films

Color: Color
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Born to Kill
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