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I Stand Up Every Day (1990)

나는 날마다 일어선다

genre: Comedy
country: South Korea
After he completed his college education in Seoul by selling farms and paddies although his school is not prestigious one, Jang Baek-Su joined the army just like escape from inhospitality of society. Discharged from the military service, he submits his resumes to various places. But he fails repeatedly and falls a victim to fraud. Now he is a hopeless job seeker. He wants to get a job to practice filial piety to his parents and marry to Eun-Sil who lives his next door but he can't. One day he meets a extravagant girl Suk-Hee whose unfeasible way of thinking is hard on him. President Yook makes him uneasy because the business man tries to tempts Eun-Sil with his money and power. Yook uses even violence to press him to give up Eun-Sil, but Jang Baek-Su never stops his will. After all Yook fails to seduce her due to Baek-Su's courage.

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Duration: 110mins
Released: Feb 17, 1990

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Production: Hwang Gi-Seong Production

Color: Color
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