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'Hello, Im Kkok-Chung' of Park Cheol-Su (1987)

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genre: Classics
country: South Korea
Chun-Bo and Bong-Dal are the member of a gang of bandits that offer themselves as subordinates of Lim Keok-Jeong. They run away avoiding the attack of troops and steal the garment of a secret royal inspector in an inn. They pretend to be a noble man without knowing that there is a symbol of the secret royal inspector. When they notice it, they decide to play a role of the secret royal inspector. They punish the corrupt officials and share grain to the poor. Right before the real secret royal inspector executes them, Lim Keok-Jeong rescues them.

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Duration: 120mins
Released: Aug 22, 1987

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Production: Hwang Gi-Seong Production

Color: Color
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