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Emergency Room, The (2000)

종합병원 The Movie 천일동안, General Hospital, "For a Thound Days"

genre: Romance
country: South Korea
Graduates of medical school, Shi-wan, Eun-su and Chan-Hyok begin their internship at the same hospital. Shi-wan and Eun-su love each other. Although Chan-hyok also has affection for Eun-su, he cannot reveal his heart because of the relationship between Shi-wan and Eun-su. He is only devoted to his goal to be an excellent doctor. Their internship is much different from that they expected and they struggle with daily difficult job. And a woman doctor Seong-hyon, approaches Shi-wan and Shi-wan comes to love her. Eun-su who gets to know their relation asks shi-wan to show affection to her no longer. Chan-hyok hopes to console Eun-su, but there is nothing he can do. One day Eun-su loses her consciousness during operation and is diagnosed as a cancer. She determines to go back home in Je-ju and help the poor patients there, asking Chan-hyok not to reveal her disease to anybody... She still loves Shi-wan. Chan-hyok understands that she cannot still forget Shi-wan in her mind. He informs Shi-wan of her cancer and Shi-wan goes to see her in Je-ju. Shi-wan and Eun-su who meet again clear their misunderstanding and begin their service in a public medical center together. Eun-su's state gets worse. Shi-wan knows her time is coming, seeing her taking a walk seashore. Eun-su is dying in his bosom. Now he alone continues to serve the poor people. Shi-wan walking on the mountain road can hear Eun-su. 'If you bear me deep in your mind, you can see me."

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Duration: 111mins
Released: Mar 4, 2000

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Production: AFDF-KOREA

Format: 35mm Film
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
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The Emergency Room
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