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Interview (2000)


genre: Drama, Romance
country: South Korea
A 'Dogma 95' Movie from South Korea

'Camera' and 'man' - Eun-seok moves around with his movie camera, collecting 'life stories' and 'love stories' on his film. He interviews lots of people with his camera. Then a woman, Young-hee, comes to his heart. She looks she keeps truth in her heart. Eun-seok gets to love her through his camera. Her daily life, her looks and her voice on the film makes him love her. Now he puts his camera away and begins to treat her as his new lover, not as one of his interviewees. 'The woman in camera' - Her first looks his camera captured was somewhat ordinary. She is a beauty artist and has a boyfriend who is under military service. However, his camera can see some darkness inside of her between her movement. She comes to open her heart at the camera. "My name is Young-hee Lee and 27 years old. I danced...." She begins to take a step towards the world through camera, and now without camera.

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Duration: 108mins
Released: Apr 1, 2000

editor   (6)
users   (7.6)

Production: Cine2000
Distribution: Cine2000

Format: 35mm Film
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
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