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Lover Who Comes on a Bicycle, A (1992)

자전거를 타고 온 연인

genre: Romance
country: South Korea
Ryu, who can't bear injustice, and Mi-Yo, a girl who loves him, work in her brother Wun-Yo's magazine company as a reporter and a photographer. Ryu buys Mi-Yo's discontent because he I interested in other things let alone his job with his well-shaped body by taking exercise but she cares him at heart. However Ryu is off his head about a fashion model Yun-Young's pretty face during his interview with her while Yun-Young tries to get out of a drug related gang. Ryu stands against the gang to help her but Yun-Young feels love for considerate Wun-Yo. Not until Mi-Yo, who is jealous due to Ryu's betrayal, is kidnapped by the gang, Ryu can't realize she is the one he really loves. As the gang's giant power is getting closer.........

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Duration: 90mins
Released: Feb 29, 1992

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Production: Cinepia

Color: Color
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