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Rehearsal (1995)


genre: Erotic
country: South Korea
Min-Su wants to be a tough guy by himself showing off himself or fighting often. As a sluggard of back alley, he lives being tossed from here to there. One day he goes to a theater where he meets Seung-Hye, a pure and innocent girl, since he is asked to solve debt problem. Knowing there's nobody around them, Min-Su gets her to make love. Since then they try to confirm their love making burning love. Their wild love that they make in the sea, reggae bar and every space, begins to be broken no long after. As she is absorbed in heroine role of a play 'Hiroshima, My Love' which is wupposed to be on the stage of National Theater, Seung-Hye wants to leave Min-Su looking for loftier ideal while Min-Su, who is madly attached to Seung-Hye, gets to be chased by president Jang as he becomes the private loan business man's target. Their impulsive started love becomes gradually cracked. Though Seung-Hye tries to part from Min-Su as she thinks it was not love, Min-Su realizes it was love then and madly attaches to Seung-Hye.

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Duration: 104mins
Released: Dec 16, 1995

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Production: Seon Ik Films

Format: 35mm Film
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
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