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Market of Men (1990)


genre: Erotic
country: South Korea
Young-Hun leads a host life for easy making money to avenge on Jae-Hee who left him because of money. But as Jae-Hee appears in his host bar, he feels shame. Meanwhile Jae-Hee, left him due to his poverty, is agonized because she can't show up in front of him although her love to him is never changed. At that time Young-Hun came to open a boutique with the urgently borrowed money from Mrs. Han who is introduced to him by his friend. He is happy dreaming of meeting Jae-Hee again. But a house wife in her 40s who was involved with him before threw vitriol over his face and ran away. His face is burning dark.

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Duration: 105mins
Released: Jun 2, 1990

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Production: Sungil Cinemart

Color: Color
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