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Absolute Love (1994)

genre: Thriller
country: South Korea
Ahn Kyeong-Hun is an ordinary citizen who works in a patent office with his wife Hyeon-Suk. Director Park Jae-Min, his superior at work, is a highflier who doesn't mind doing anything for his success. When Park, a serious playboy, harasses Hyeon-Suk, enraged Hyeon-Suk declares she is married woman and submits her resignation after all. Then a mysterious woman called Eun-Ju takes her post. Ahn Kyeong-Hun feels a strange coercive feeling to her as he works in the same planning team with Eun-Ju. Park gives Ahn Kyeong-Hun unfair treatment while he tries to seduce Eun-Ju. Park, who is entangled in Eun-Ju's trap, faces death after all and a lawyer Choi Ji-Suk, Park's girl friend, launches a secret investigation. As Choi Ji-Suk is also murdered, however, Ahn Kyeong-Hun feels seriously threatened to be killed. As he is false charged of a murderer of lawyer Choi, Ahn Kyeong-Hun goes to see Eun-Ju's husband after all. Her husband Jeong Chan-Ho gave up his promising job to devote his life in developing programs but he failed helplessly in patent judgement brought by an American company. Now he is a crock. Seong Eun-Ju plots a revenge for her husband. At last the bloody fight between Ahn Kyeong-Hun and Eun-Ju begins.................

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Duration: 117mins
Released: Jun 11, 1994

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Production: Hwang Gi-Seong Production

Color: Color
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