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Raining Youngdong Bridge (1986)

비내리는 영동교

genre: Drama
country: South Korea
Seong-Su makes a promise to marry Young-Rim, but Young-Rim takes a trip for a road show over the Southeast Asia. Seong-Su's father orders Seong-Su to marry his friend's daughter Hyeon-Ja before he passed away. Seong-Su marries Hyeon-Ja in obedience of father's will, but Young-Rim asks him to marry her after returned from road show. Consequently, Seong-Su is to lead double life. When it is disclosed to Young-Rim that he is another woman's husband, he divorces Hyeong-Ja under agreement in order to comply with her last wish who is suffering from incurable disease. Young-Rim regrets her faults and gets lost. Seong-Su sets out to look for Young-Rim and, this while, Young-Rim gives a birth to his daughter.....

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Duration: 105mins
Released: Feb 8, 1986

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Production: Dong Hyeop Co.

Color: Color
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