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Street of Desire (1986)


genre: Romance
country: South Korea
A poor girl Se-Hee challenges to the world of film dreaming of a star, but soon gets disheartened and lives a life of prostitute. But, she begins to feel skeptical even in that kind of life because of her first lover's betrayal. Se-Hee comes to meet and fall in love with an assistant director Yun-Ki, and helps him to debut as a director, but it ends as failure. Since then, they get estranged consequently. After parted with Yun-Ki, Se-Hee becomes a second wife of a wealthy old man and proceeds to the upper world of society enjoying luxury and pleasure. But husband's incessant watching, discord, and unfulfilled sexual desire make her leave the house. She meets Yun-Ki again and realizes the substance of life.

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Duration: 105mins
Released: Feb 9, 1986

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Production: Dong A Entertainment Co.

Color: Color
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