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Corset (1996)


genre: Comedy
country: South Korea
A 29-year-old old maid Kong Seon-Ju, who is naive like an elfin, is buoyed up by a dream to be the head underwear designer but she is tender-hearted woman who has a wound due to inferiority complex about her outlook. Kang Yi-Hwan, the manager of sales department, is the only one who shows her favor. Seon-Ju, falls in one-side love to him, meets Han Sang-Wu, a sashimi cook, while she talks about her emotion to Yi-Hwan with her co-worker Mi-Suk at a Japanese restaurant. One day Seon-Ju spends a sweet night with Kang Yi-Hwan due to his enticement. As slim and fascinating Jang Su-In enters her company, however, Seon-Ju's status is soundly ruined. What is more unbearable Kang Yi-Hwan tells he seduced her only because of his curiosity as a collector about sex with a fat woman. Despaired in both love and career, another love comes to Seon-Ju.

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Duration: 99mins
Released: Jun 8, 1996

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Production: Oscar Pictures, Myung Films
Distribution: Oscar Pictures

Format: 35mm Film
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
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